Simple & Easy Arabic Mehndi Designs Images: 2021 Collection

The temporary tattoo which is the love of every woman is the henna tattoo that is popularly known as mehendi. The paste is obtained from henna plants that are available in a leaf form which is dried and powdered for future use. To make the paste water is added to the powder to form a good consistency and is left to set for a few hours. The paste is then filled in a plastic cone and applied with the help of a tip. 

After applying mehendi on the hand it is dried for 8-10 hours without touching water. The origin of mehendi is considered to be from ancient egypt where it was used to decorate mummies. Later on it became popular in the Asian continent and now it is used worldwide. It is considered as a ceremonial art form in many countries including India. 

Arabic Mehendi Design Images

The most trending mehndi designs nowadays is the arabic mehendi design. Here are some of the beautiful ones which you can apply anytime and anywhere. 

Backhand Arabic Mehendi Designs 

Let’s start with some pretty and eye-catching back hand arabic mehndi design 2021 latest images. 

1.Floral Mehendi Design

These easy and simple flowers and paisleys are just a perfect temporary tattoo for bridesmaids. Even they are going to look stunning on girls and kidos. If you are a beginner then you can easily apply this one. 

2.Half Back Hand Arabic Mehendi Design

If you don’t want your hands to be covered with heavy mehndi designs then you can simply rely on this half hand design at the back. The curves, swirls and leaf patterns really look amazing with an elegance. 

3.Half and Half Back Mehndi Design

This half and half arabic back hand mehndi design can be the pretty one for festivals or some special occasions. Trying this one at an engagement ceremony or a reception party will match well with your gown and lehenga.  

4.Traditional Arabic Mehendi Design

The fusion of some arabic swirls and traditional leaves is making the mehendi look just awesome. A thin bracelet mehendi design at the wrist then covering the rest of the palm from one corner to the tip of the index finger completes the overall look. 

5.Bracelet style Arabic Mehndi Design

Isn’t it something different? The flowers and leaves all over the back of the palm are looking more traditional than being arabic. The pretty bracelet on the wrist is making a complementing design and the end of the middle finger is also cute.

6.Hanging Chains Arabic Mehendi Design

This is something trending and cute. A simple design making a chain like pattern connecting the small flowers from one end to another is making a more exemplary design. This one is nowadays the most popular one among every lady.  

Front hand Arabic Mehndi Designs

Here are some of the front hand mehndi design 2021 latest images that will complete your traditional tattoos and give it a complete look. 

1.Completing the Floral Pattern

These tiny floral designs will complete your overall mehendi pattern. The tiny checkered and zig zag patterns on the finger mehndi designs are looking fab! If you want to complete the simple pattern then do choose this. You can even try this at the back. Isn’t it amazing?

2.Intricate Arabic Mehendi Design

Being a bride you need to wear this tattoo at different occasions. If you are bored with the full hand mehendi designs then you can surely pick this one that is elegant, attractive, interesting and has some superb designs that are just wow!

3.Bold Arabic Mehendi for Festivals

The tiny and bold flowers covering the overall palm and a peacock quilt at the end is all that you want for a bold look. Try it on Diwali or match it with a salwar kameez on some of the wedding functions. It will cover your entire hand giving it an interesting and amazing look.   

4.Flower Arabic Mehendi Design

A huge flower in the middle of the palm and designing the overall finger is making the mehendi look perfect. If you are not willing to try full hand mehndi then you can definitely choose this to get a nice and decent design on your hand. 

5.Half and Half Front Hand Mehndi Design

Half hand detailed with intricate designs and half detailed with checks design is making a pretty mehendi design. It is basically a medium hand mehendi covering the palm and entire wrist. The leaves at the tip of the fingers are the most interesting part of this mehendi. 

6.Most Amazing Arabic Mehendi Design

This is one of my favorite designs. The tiny and extremely beautiful designs will give your hands the most gorgeous look. It will look perfect on brides and bridesmaids too. The red bridal lehenga and this dark red khalifa mehndi designs will make a perfect combination. 


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