Fashion Tutorial How To Wear A Saree Step By Step Tutorail


Saree is the first love of each and every lady. Either it is a formal occasion, a casual day or an auspicious function; wearing a saree is also at the top priorities of a lady. There are thousands of ways in which you can drape a saree and each one of them are pretty in their own way. The saree gives a sterling appeal to the wearer. As women cherish wearing a saree but the question arises how to wear a saree? Wearing a saree is not as complicated as it seems to be. You just need to follow certain steps and get a perfect saree look. 

Let’s check out how to wear a saree perfectly. Here you will get the proper tutorial step by step on how to wear a saree in all the perfect ways and different styles to get a fashionista look. 

Wearing a Saree Step by Step 

The first step is to choose a perfect saree, a designer blouse and a matching petticoat as per the type of occasion that you are going to attend. You can pick your favorite color or choose the one that suits your complexion the most. 

  • Once you choose the saree, arrange everything in the perfect manner before starting to wear it. 
  • Wear the blouse and petticoat then start tucking the saree in your petticoat from the left side.
  • If you are a beginner then take the pallu section and put it on the shoulder to get the perfect length. 
  • If you are used to wearing a saree then you can start making pleats after tucking the first round of the saree. 
  • While wearing the basic nivi style saree you can make six to seven pleats and then take the saree from the left side, drape it once and tuck it on the shoulder. 
  • Make the pleats, collect them altogether and secure all of them with a safety pin so that they don’t get uneven. 
  • After securing them with the pin, tuck them in the petticoat, using the safety pin will flatten the saree giving you a slimmer look. 
  • While making the pallu, pull the saree perfectly so that it makes a smooth appeal at the waist. 
  • Make the pallu pleats showcasing the border and secure it at the left shoulder with a safety pin. You can even add a brooch to the shoulder to add minimal beauty to your outfit.

Draping the pallu, making different styles of pleats and wearing the saree in different traditional styles makes the wearer look like a perfect fashionista. If we talk about wearing the saree in different styles then we will come across numerous varieties of them. Each Indian state has its own variety of saree and here are some of the saree styles that are highly popular among girls and are worn on an occasional basis. Here are some of the saree draping styles that will allure your heart and give you a gorgeous look. Let’s see how to wear it perfectly. 

The Casual Drape

The casual drape includes a simple draping style with pleats and the basic open pallu. This basic drape is the most favourite of girls as they are easy to wear and manage. It can be worn at parties and functions and women even prefer it on a regular basis. Here’s how you will drape the casual nivi style saree. 

 Steps to Wear Casual Saree:

You can match a perfect color blouse or contrast color blouse to get a ravishing look. Printed sarees and plain lightweight sarees look gorgeous in the casual drape.

  • First thing that you need is a beautiful blouse and a matching petticoat. 
  • Start tucking the saree from the left side of the waist and make one round of the attire. 
  • After that start making pleats, the normal saree will make at least six to seven pleats or less, depending upon your figure. 
  • Collect the pleats altogether and secure it with a safety pin to make the saree look more elegant and then tuck it in the waist.
  • Once the pleats are tucked start taking the pallu from the left side to make the pallu section. 
  • Take one round from the back side and then secure the pallu on the left shoulder.
  • You can opt for pleated pallu or take an open pallu if your saree has some designs and patterns at the pallu.

1.Gujarati Style Saree

The local women of Gujarat and nearby borders prefer to wear the seedha pallu, Gujarati style saree on a daily basis. The beautiful bandhani saree or a gorgeous patola saree with intricate designs and patterns are the speciality of Gujarat. They look sterling when worn at festivals and special occasions. Here’s how you can wear a Gujarati style saree.

Steps to Wear Gujarati Style Saree:

Pairing a plain elbow sleeves blouse with the printed bandhani or patola saree makes a drastic combination. Some traditional accessories matched with it completes the overall look. 

  • Wearing the Gujarati style saree includes the same procedure as the nivi style saree.
  • The pallu draping style differs from the casual drape and is tucked on the right shoulder. 
  • The draping of saree starts by making one round at the waist and pleating it after a round. 
  • You can make five to six pleats as per your needs and then tuck them in the petticoat.
  • After making the pleats, the pallu section is pleated and brought from back to front. 
  • The pallu length can be adjusted as per your choice but don’t make it very long to ruin the look. 
  • It will make a loose pattern from the back and a perfect appeal from the front.
  • This one will complete your Gujarati draping style and will give you a perfect diva look.  

2.Maharashtrian Style Saree

The Nauvari saree is the most popular and differentiated saree that is nine meters long. The Maharashtrian saree draping style is the traditional drape of Maharashtra that is a bit time consuming for beginners. The drape is highly popular for festivals and other traditional functions. Here’s how you will drape a Nauvari saree.

Steps to wear Maharashtrian style saree:

There are different types of Nauvari saree according to the designs and patterns. These sarees are usually paired with a contrast color plain blouse having a simple round neckline and long sleeves pattern.

  • The saree can be draped in different styles but the most famous one is the dhoti style Nauvari drape.
  • The nine meters long silk saree is tied from the right side by tying a knot at the waist.
  • By draping the saree around the body you need to take the pallu in the front and tuck it on the shoulder as the normal pallu style. 
  • After tucking the pallu, start making pleats as many are made. Pin up the pleats together with a proper appeal.
  • The drape has to be brought from back to front and another one from front to back between the legs making a dhoti style. 
  • It will give a perfect look and an easier movement. 
  • Pin the borders at the ankle so that you get a clear and elegant nauvari saree look. 

3.Bengali Style Saree

The red and white saree of West Bengal has a vast significance in every corner of the globe. It is especially worn at the time of durga puja and special Bengali traditions. Women even wear different color silk sarees in Begali style to get a perfect Bengali look. The saree makes you look taller and slimmer and gives you a breathtaking appeal.

Steps to wear a Bengali saree:

The gorgeous Bengali saree is worn in a unique way that covers your entire body giving it a perfect surve. It includes an ulta pallu pattern with a small side pallu at another shoulder. Let’s check out how to wear a Bengali saree.

  • The saree is worn by tucking it from the right side of the waist making one full round from the waist.
  • Tuck the saree from right to left and then left to right making an unpleated pattern. 
  • After that proceed for the pallu, you need to make the basic pleated pattern for the pallu.
  • Start making pleats for the pallu showcasing the red border on the upper side and then tuck it on the left shoulder. 
  • Next step is to take one corner of the pallu from the back side and pin it up on the right shoulder from front. 
  • This is the most necessary step of the saree as it completes the overall Bengali saree look. 
  • The borders and tassels of the sarees are perfectly showcased and your Bengali drape is ready. 

 4.Belt-style Saree

Apart from certain traditional styles there are some unique and stylish ways to drape the saree giving you a perfect fashionista look. For wedding functions and evening parties these drapes are more favourable. The drape gives a voguish and modish appeal to the wearer and makes the traditional outfit look highly admiring. 

Steps to Wear a Belt-Style Saree:

The belt-style saree will give you a perfect diva look. It is an easy to wear style that gives a perfect fusion of tradition and style at the same time. The belt is worn above the saree that can be made from fabric or metals with studded stones and diamonds.

  • It is an easy to wear saree style that is similar to the casual drape saree.
  • Choose the perfect blouse and petticoat and start draping the saree from the right side of the waist.
  • Make one round and then start pleating half of the saree leaving the section of the pallu.
  • Once the pleats are made, collect them properly together and pin them so that they don’t slip off.
  • After pinning the pleats tuck them in the waist and start making the pallu.
  • You can opt for the open pallu or go for pleated pallu as per your wish.
  • If you are going for the open pallu pattern then after making the pleats take a round from back and tuck the pallu on the left shoulder.
  • If you are opting for a pleated pallu then start making the pleats after taking the round from back and secure it with the pin at left shoulder. 
  • Once you tuck the pallu, take the belt and tie it at the waist above the saree, leaving the pallu outside the belt.
  • As soon as you put the belt and accessories to the saree your belt style saree is ready. 

5.Indo-Western Saree

The pretty indo-western saree can be worn in many different patterns. The most attractive and interesting thing here is the pallu of the saree. There are numerous ways to drape the pallu and get a minimalistic look. Either it’s your farewell or a party you can definitely flaunt the indo-western saree to look the best. 

Steps to Wear an Indo-Western Saree:

Here’s how you can wear a gorgeous indo-western saree with a loose pallu pattern. As nowadays loose pallu is the most popular draping style, we will check out the draping style in loose pallu.

  • There are two ways to drape the loose indo-western saree that includes a seedha pallu drape and an ulta pallu drape. 
  • The main thing here is to choose a stylish blouse as this drape showcases the blouse.
  • You can choose a multicolored check print blouse or a shimmery sequin blouse depending upon the saree that you choose.
  • Once you choose the blouse and saree, start draping the saree in nivi style that is the casual drape. 
  • Start tucking it from the right side and complete the process of wearing a saree by making the pleats part.  
  • You can reduce one or two pleats if you want a long pallu or else the usual pallu will be a bit short.
  • After making the saree, start making the pallu pleat and tuck it on the left shoulder keeping it loose from the waist to make an ulta pallu pattern.
  • If you are interested in seedha pallu then tuck it at the right shoulder leaving it open from the front.
  • Once the pallu is made you are ready with your indo-western style saree. Complete your look with some pretty accessories. 

 6.Mermaid Style Saree

The mermaid style saree looks perfect on slim and tall girls. They are an ideal pick for farewell or wedding functions that will make you the center of attraction of the party. The drape does not include plasma and gives a flared look from the bottom. The saree is slimmer and fitted till the knees and loose from below. 

Steps to Wear Mermaid Style Saree:

A beautifully embellished net saree is the perfect pick for wearing a mermaid style saree. A full sleeves blouse with deep square neck design will make a pretty combination with the saree. So let’s start the process of wearing a mermaid style saree. 

  • To make the mermaid drape you need to start draping the saree from the left side as you drape it in the casual way.
  • Tuck the saree in the front and make small pleats at the back. Repeat the same process four to five times.
  • Leave the saree loose at the ankle and one inches from below so that it can make a flare at the bottom. 
  • Once the waist part is done, start making the pallu. It requires a pleated pallu to look more dignified. 
  • Make thin pleats to get an effective look. You can even go for the open pallu pattern. 
  • The pallu should be long and fall on the ground to seek attention and get a perfect mermaid style look. 
  • A pearl embellished pallu saree is always perfect for wearing a mermaid style saree.

 7.Dhoti Style Saree

Wearing the saree in dhoti style gives you an adoring look. This unique styling will make you the limelight of the function. This pretty style gives you an easy movement and an astonishing appeal. If you are choosing the saree with an attractive border then it will look more attractive and interesting.

Steps to Wear Dhoti Style Saree:

The dhoti-style saree can be worn at a reception party, haldi ceremony or sangeet ceremony giving you a fabulous appeal. The dhoti saree will look highly effective when worn with a sleeveless blouse or an off-shoulder designer blouse. Let’s go through how to wear a dhoti-style saree.

  • Wear leggings or a fitted pant instead of a petticoat under the saree. You can opt for any color but matching color will be the best suitable. 
  • Start tying the saree from the right side making one round from back to front.
  • Make pleats and take half portion of the saree front front to back and another half from back to front.
  • This will make a partition between the legs and give the saree a dhoti appeal. 
  • After that you can start making the pallu. Pleated pallu is most favourable with this style of saree.
  • Make medium size pleats and keep the border at the upper side. Tuck the pallu at the left shoulder and you are ready.
  • You can add a belt to your saree giving it a more attractive look.
  • The draping style is similar to the maharashtrian style saree and gives a playful appeal to the wearer.

 8.Pant Style Saree

Another sterling pattern is the pant style saree. For this you will need a saree, a matching pant and a beautiful blouse. Choosing a contrast color blouse will be more favourable as it will give the attire an alluring look. You can choose a fitted narrow pant or a slightly loose one. Choose a lightweight saree for a drastic appeal.

Steps to Wear Pant Style Saree:

The pant style saree can be worn at farewells and evening parties. Young girls usually prefer this draping style as it gives them an amazing look. There are different ways to wear the pant style saree. You can showcase the pants or hide it as per the style of draping. Here is the basic pant-style drape. 

  • First of all choose a chiffon saree or a playful georgette saree so that you get a voluminous appeal while wearing the attire. 
  • Wear a matching pant or a contrast color pant and start tucking the saree from the left side of the waist. 
  • Hold one end and directly start making the pleats and tuck them into the pants. 
  • Secure the pleats with a safety pin so that they don’t get uneven from below. 
  • After the pleats are done make one round taking the saree from back to front.
  • Strat making pleats in front and then tuck it on the left shoulder.
  • Choosing the loose pallu pattern will make the saree look highly admiring and give you a gorgeous appeal.

9.Lehenga Style Saree

If you are bored of the regular lehenga and are willing to try something new then go for a lehenga style saree. It is the modern garment of the modern lady. Special lehenga style sarees are made for the pretty ladies that will give a stunning appeal to the wearer. The lehenga sarees are highly embellished with gorgeous embroidery work and beautiful laces.

Steps to Wear Lehenga Style Saree:

The lehenga style saree is easy to wear as it is especially made in that pattern. They have a different section for the flare and a desired pallu pattern at one end of the saree. They can differentiate the saree very well and give you a perfect fashionista look. Here’s how you can wear a lehenga style saree.

  • Firstly you can choose a readymade lehenga saree or convert your simple saree into a lehenga saree.
  • For wearing the simple saree into a lehenga style you need to wear a pant or legging below the saree.
  • Start draping from the left side and Several small pleats all over your waist from front to back. 
  • You have to complete the pleats in a single round so that it makes a nice flare at the bottom. 
  • Once the pleats are done take the round from back and start making the pallu.
  • Make a pleated pallu and tuck it on the left shoulder and you are done with the lehenga style saree.
  • Add some minimalistic jewelry and complete your overall saree look. 

There are thousands of ways in which you can wear a saree. From the above mentioned ways now you may be familiar with the tutorials on how to wear sarees. The best part is that your looks do not depend on the style of wearing the saree. It’s all the magic of the attire. Saree is such an attire that can give the lady an eternal and exemplary look. Either you are a young unmarried girl or mom of two you can surely flaunt your saree look at any event or party. You just need to choose the right color for yourself, a correct draping style, some pretty accessories and perfect makeup. After all these things you are ready to rock the floor.


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