How To Wear A Saree In Bengali Style – Step By Step Tutorial

The red and white Bengali saree has a vast significance in the Bengali culture. The awaited durga puja festival is celebrated wearing the pretty white saree with red borders. Girls love to wear the saree at auspicious functions and festivals. Not only the double colored saree but the beautiful silk sarees are worn by women on a regular basis. The saree is easy to wear and can be flaunted at any auspicious function and festivals. The Bengali saree drape is one of the most popular drapes that are even loved by the non-Bengali women. 

If you are searching for how to wear a Bengali saree then here you will get the solutions. Listed below is the step by step tutorial on how to wear bengali saree. You need to follow certain steps and then you are ready with your Bengali saree drape. 

1.Step –The very first step is to match the perfect blouse and petticoat. If you are wearing the traditional red and white saree then you need a white petticoat and a red blouse with perfect sleeves and classical neckline. You can choose a quarter sleeve blouse or a sleeveless blouse as per your body type and choice.

2.Step –The next thing you need to do is to gather all the accessories that you are going to pair with the saree. The most important things are safety pins. Keep at least five to six safety pins so that you can properly secure the saree forming a perfect drape. Along with it some traditional jewelry and a pair of heels is also mandatory.  

3.Step –Now begin to start wearing the attire. You need to start draping the saree on your waist moving towards the right side. Start wearing it just below the navel and make one round covering the back and the front. The round should end at the front from where you started to drape the saree.

4.Step –After that begin with the pleats. Make broad pleats from left to right and right to left having the same width. Once the pleats are done, collect them all together and secure them with a safety pin above the knees. Securing them with the pin will help the pleats to remain at the right place and it will not become uneven. Then tuck them on the waist.

5.Step –When pleats are done then you have to start with the pallu section. This is the main step as pallu is the most important part of the Benhgali saree. The overall saree look is determined by the pallu which is showcased on both the shoulders forming a straight pattern at front bottom and a round pattern at the neck. 

6.Step –Bring the pallu section at front and start making thin pleats that are similar to the thickness of the border. You can make five to six pleats for pallu. After making the pallu, tuck it on the left shoulder and make sure that the length of the pallu touches the ground from the back as it has to be taken on the right shoulder from the back side. 

7.Step –Once you make the long and lengthy pallu take the inside corner of the pallu from back to front below from the arms and tuck it on the right shoulder with a pin. You can add a beautiful tassel at the corner of the pallu that will make the saree look even more attractive and interesting. 

8.Step –Once you are done with the pallu adjust the pleats and pallu of the attire and make it proper from the bottom. After making it perfect from everywhere you are done with the saree and your red and white silk Bengali saree is ready to give you a glorified look. The short puff sleeve blouse will look amazing with the saree. 

Saree is one of the most favourite attire of every lady throughout the globe,  but before choosing it you need to match it with a perfect blouse. The overall look of the attire depends on the blouse that should make a proper combination with the saree. The most common matches with the saree is a short puffed sleeve blouse or a long blouse with quarter sleeves having golden zari work. Usually a classical round neck is preferred for the blouse as it gives a proper ethnic look. Sweetheart neck, square neck and v-neck designs are also preferred for the saree. 

Another important thing is the traditional accessories and makeup. Here are some of the necessary accessories that are to be paired with the pretty Bengali saree. 

Earrings: The main and most important accessory to wear with saree or any other attire is an earring. The big diamond earring or jhumkas makes a sterling combination with the saree. You can even choose to wear the expensive gold or silver earring if you wish.

Maangtikka: Another one that strikes the most is a beautiful maangtikka. It can be a diamond one with a big round pendant and a chain or a thin one with a small crystal at the front. For occasion and wedding functions you can choose the full maangtikka that covers the entire forehead. 

Necklace: A set of three piece necklace that consists of a long chain, a medium neck piece and a choker necklace gives a highly embellished look and wearing it with the saree is really going to give you an exemplary look. 

Nosering: A big round nose ring with a chain connected to the ear or a small diamond one you can choose whichever you want. The big ones are usually preferred for weddings and special functions. Wearing them with a bridal saree gives a gorgeous look.

Bangles: To add a minimalistic beauty to your saree look you need to add some matching bangles with the saree. If you are wearing the colorful silk saree then you can even choose a set of colorful bangles to pair with the attire. 

Bindi: The most important and not to forget accessory is a red bindi. A medium size red bindi on the forehead makes a drastic change in your overall appeal. The bindi signifies the Indian culture and even gives you a perfect ethnic appeal. 

Anklet: A pair of silver anklet or an artificial one detailed with some colorful crystals and diamonds are efficient for a Bengali look. The sound of anklets is loved by everyone, so do pair it with the attire to get a sophisticated appeal.

Makeup: When you wear a traditional attire you even need to do a perfect traditional makeup. A winged eyeliner with kajal, red lipstick and a bit of blush is going to give you a perfect Bengali look. Rest other will be completed by the jewelry. 

Footwear: A pair of heels decorated with coloring diamonds and some stones will make a perfect match with the saree. The traditional mojari or juttis will also look amazing with it. The choice is yours, which one you are going to pick. 

Hairstyle: Most commonly a bun or a braid is opted with the saree. Many girls even prefer open hair but a bun really looks gorgeous with the saree. You can even choose to make any other hairstyle that you like such as a french braid or a low ponytail. 

The Bengali look is commonly admired at the time of durga puja. Bengali women wear the sarees in this style on a daily basis too. The saree is usually made of lightweight fabrics and the most common material is silk and cotton. The state is famous for different types of sarees that consists of Baluchari saree, tussar silk saree, tant saree, phulia hand woven saree and many more others. Each of them are famous for their styles and patterns and even some pretty designs. Not only Bengal but every Indian state has its own variety of saree and all of them are famous around the globe. 

From North to South every state is renowned for its attire. Punjab is famous for its popular Phulkari work sarees, Uttar Pradesh is famous for the Banarasi silk sarees, Madhya pradesh has Chanderi silk saree, Gujarat has bandhani and patola silk saree, Rajasthan for leheriya saree, Maharastra for Nauvari saree and many more other sarees are available in India. 

As Indian women have a collection of sarees in her wardrobe they can flaunt their saree look anywhere. She has a saree in every fabric and every design that can be chosen according to the type of function she is going to attend. You are also one of them so choose a perfect saree for the occasion and be the fashionista of the party. Try something different and unique by choosing to wear a Bengali saree on festivals and occasions along with some beautiful jewelry and some pretty accessories. You can even add a clutch to your outfit and complete your look for the evening party. Don’t forget to do the traditional makeup and add a bindi to your Bengali look.

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