Simple Adorable Finger Mehndi Designs | Ungali Mehendi Designs


The art of decorating your hands and other body parts with a natural temporary tattoo is known as mehendi. It is one of the most favourite art of Indian women that has been followed since the prehistoric times. Even today girls love to apply mehendi on their hands and legs at special occasions and weddings. It is considered to be the main ritual to apply mehendi at Indian weddings. Many of them even apply it for fun on the fingertips and palms. Here are some of the beautiful finger mehendi designs that will just allure your heart and give you a perfect fashionista look. Let’s have a look at some of them. 

Full Finger Mehendi Design

This simple and pretty full finger mehendi design is just so adoring that it is hard to take your eyes off from it. This cute design will look amazing when applied to pair with a salwar suit or a kurti. If you are attending a friend’s engagement ceremony and wearing a full sleeves gown then do choose this design and get a flawless appearance. 

Cute Finger Mehendi Design  

These simple lines, dots and circles are just too alluring. It is an easy to make design that can be applied at the tip, at the end or at the middle of the finger. The dots at the tip of the design is giving it an interesting look. If you are a beginner then you can definitely try this design and can draw it without any hassle in just a few minutes. 

Floral Finger Mehendi Design

This cute curved floral and leaf mehendi is just so amazing. If you are willing to pair a temporary tattoo with your jeans and shirt then this can be the best pick. This one finger design is easy to apply and it will take a few minutes to dry. So you don’t have to even bother about its drying. You can apply it by yourself at any finger staring from the tip to end.  

Dots and Line Finger Mehendi Designs

The dots and lines can make your fingers gleam. This easy design will cover your entire finger and give it a fabulous look. Either you are a teenager or a newly wedded bride you can choose this design to decorate your finger in a beautiful way and get a pretty look. This additional accessory will add glamour to your ethnic look at functions and parties. 

Something Traditional  Finger Mehendi Designs

You can call this one a desi Indian mehendi design having intricate details that are just awe-inspiring. Applying it for weddings functions is just a perfect choice. If you are busy in the arrangements of the function and don’t have time to apply full hand mehndi then do try this one to complete your look and get a number of compliments. 

Leaves and DotsOne Finger Mehendi Design

This is something interesting that has leaves, flowers, swirls and dots. This one will look pretty with the casual outfits. Just take the cone and apply it whenever you wish. You can decorate all fingers or can apply it on just one finger depending on your wish. Not only at the back but this one will also look adoring if you choose to apply it at the front side of the palm. 

Just the Fingertips Mehendi Designs

Want to try something basic and simple yet adoring then do check this one. This is simple yet so graceful that it will complete your entire look with a fashionable appeal. Straight lines at the middle finger with leafy ends and a v-shaped design below it is looking fantastic. This design is loved by children and it is easy to apply yet stylish. 

Finger Bracelet Style Mehndi Designs

Aren’t these chains at the back of the palm joining the flowers looking just ravishing? Yes, of course they are. Decorated fingertips and an additional bunch of flowers at the bottom of the pinky finger is looking drastic. This design is perfect to cover the entire back of the palm. Try it at the engagement ceremony and get an awesome look. 

Swirls and Triangle Finger Mehndi Designs

Swirls, swirls everywhere! If you like the curves and swirls then you will surely love this design. A full covered middle finger and a triangle at the end with more swirls at the palms are making a cute ungli mehendi design. Choose it for the brunch to pair with a kurti and matching bottom that will complete your fantastic ethnic look. 

Arabic Finger Mehndi Design

If you are a mehendi expert then try this beautiful arabic mehendi design that is just fabulous. Covering the entire finger with different designs is super attractive. This finger design will look dazzling with full hand bridal mehendi designs. Complete the dulhan mehendi till the palm and then try this one to fill the fingers and then you are ready with your beautiful mehendi. 

Tribal Finger Mehndi Designs

This tribal mehendi design is so fascinating. It is simple to apply and will give your hands a sterling look. Every finger is decorated with different designs and creativity that is making it look more alluring. The circles and dots making the flowers are simple and can be made by the ones that know a bit of mehendi art.

Checks Finger Mehndi Design 

What you think about the check lines? I personally feel that they are just flawless. This mehndi design covering the entire finger with dots and flowers at the end is increasing its beauty. The filled spaces in the checks are increasing the appearance. Try this one at festivals and opt for a pretty lehenga with it to complete your diva look. 

Wrapping Up

So what are you waiting for, go ahead and try these finger mehendi designs to make your hands look stylish and amazing. As all these mehendi designs are not so hard to draw you can try it on your own hands and decorate it to get a cool and classy appeal. Applying mehendi is one of the important things at weddings and festivals so try it at teej, diwali, eid and obviously at weddings and get compliments for your cute and pretty mehendi designs.


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