Simple Nail Art Tutorials for Beginners


One of the most favourite things for girls is to decorate their nails with colorful nail paints and diamonds. It adds a minimalistic beauty to the femine look. Either you wear a formal dress or an ethnic dress your nails always strike people. There are a number of accessories available with the help of which you can decorate your nails and make them look super attractive. Here are some of the nail art tutorials that are perfect for beginners. They are easy to use and fabulous to look. 

Color Block Nail Art

This purple and silver shimmery nail art is super attractive and an easy nail art design. The combination of purple and silver is immensely adoring. The shiny thin line at the partition of the nail paint is giving it an effective look. Trying this one with a sequined western outfit or an embroidered gown will give you a perfect fashionable look. It is one of the easiest and most loved art by beginners. You can easily try it by yourself.  

Faded Nail Art

The faded nail art is in huge trend that is suitable for casual outfits and traditional outfits as well. It is the most favorite nail art of teens. To try this one you need two to three colors of nail paint and a foam. Make sure that your nails are clean. Apply the nail art glue at the corner of the nails to avoid the nail paint from sticking on the skin. Now apply all the colors on the foam and tap it on the nail to get a fabulous nail art.

Glitter Nail Art

If you love glitters and shimmers then this glittery nail art can become your favorite choice. Choose a colorful sparkling nail paint and cover the tip of your nails with it. You can apply it on full nail or opt it on half nails and once it gets dry you need to apply the transparent nail polish on it so that you can get the perfect and extraordinary look. This one looks amazing with heavily embellished ethnic outfits. 

The French Manicure

The simplest and most adoring nail art is the French nail art. It can be done with any color nail paint but white is preferred the most. It is suitable for small nails and big nails as well. It looks fabulous with western outfits and even traditional outfits. You can easily try this nail art with the help of a white nail paint. You also need a shiner or a transparent nail paint to do the upper coat and get a perfect appeal. 

Dotted Rainbow Nail Art

This is a perfect art for casual outfits. Pairing it with jeans and tops is a great choice. You can apply any light colored or pastel color nail paint as the bottom layer and decorate it with colorful dots. You can prefer a straight line or try different types of styles including a vertical line or a horizontal line and make your nails look graceful with colorful dots and some linings that makes it an eye-catchy nail art. 

Strawberry Nail Art

The red and green combination used to make strawberry art gives your nails an amazing appeal. It is loved by young girls to get a cute and pretty look. The art is even detailed with tiny yellow dots to give it a perfect finishing. First you need to apply the red paint and let it dry, next step is to make small leaves or grasses with the help of green nail paint and yellow is used to make the tiny dots all over the strawberry. 

Stripped Nail Art

The triangular shaped stripped nail art gives an immense royal and rich look. This white nail art is super attractive and looks awesome with sarees. You can even try it in any other colors that match with your outfit. A bright pink color nail polish or a pastel color nail paint will even look alluring with salwar kameez and kurti. If you have long nails then this will look super gorgeous. You can increase or decrease the lines as per your wish.  

Leopard Nail Art

The black and white leopard print nail art is one of the most amazing art that can be opted with pretty western outfits such as gowns and midi or a stylish palazzo. This combination of white and matte black is just too amazing and tiny leopard print is giving it an ideal appeal. If you have short nails then you can surely try this one that will make an exemplary nail art. This easy nail design can be definitely preferred by the beginners.    

Tribal Nail Art

Something astonishing and pleasant can be done with this tribal nail art. This colorful nail art will look amazing with floral outfits. A printed floral anarkali and this will make a drastic combination. This simple nail art tutorial for beginners is just breathtaking and can be experimented whenever you like to try something unique and stylish. Pastel and light colors are more favourable for this art to get a flawless appeal. 

Diamond Nail Art

For parties and events this glamorous diamond nail art will give a chic look. As bright red is suitable for every outfit this simple yet graceful art will look marvellous. The long oval shaped nails decorated with this will attract everyone towards its beauty. It will be  a complimenting accessory with any of the outfit, but will look best with a chiffon or georgette saree. A black georgette saree and this beautiful nail art will make a ravishing combination. 

So now you have many simple nail art designs to try and make your nails look even more beautiful. Forget those simple one toned nails and think something out of the box by choosing any one of the above mentioned nail arts. Either you are a beginner or a professional you can beautifully decorate your nails with any nail color and different nail arts that will add a minimalistic charm to your beauty.    


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