Top 10 Women Artificial Jewellery Brands in India

The love for jewelry by Indians can be seen since prehistoric times. Not only women but even men used to wear expensive and luxurious jewelry in ancient times. The heavy and traditional jewelry were worn by the king and queens along with the traditional attires that covered their wrist, arms, fingers, foot, ankle, forehead, nose and other body parts. Even today women wear a number of accessories on a casual as well as occasional basis that gives them an alluring and attractive look. 

Jewelry are the decorative items that give the wearer positive vibes regarding their looks and if we talk about girls then their looks matters a lot whether they are wearing a casual outfit or an ethnic outfit. There are certain accessories that they wear on a regular basis that commonly includes earrings, rings, chains, bangles and anklets. When they go out they even add some more to feel more precise and look the best. The designs and shapes of jewelry sometimes depend on the culture of the country. In India, the range of traditional jewelry is never-ending and no other accessory can match the beauty of these antique and immensely adoring traditional ornaments.  

The accessories are made from different metals and materials that vary in weight and expense. Nowadays girls like to wear matching and colorful accessories along the dress that they wear. Another reason is that the traditional gold and silver jewelry does not match with the casual and western outfits therefore girls highly prefer artificial jewelry. Here are some of the best and most popular artificial jewelry brands in India that will help you choose the prettiest accessories for yourself and your loved ones. 

1.Zaveri Pearls

The most popular artificial jewelry brand that is known by every woman is the Zaveri Pearls. It is one of the reputed artificial jewelry brands of India that was established in 1997. It provides you each and every type of accessory that includes the smallest nose ring to the heaviest anklets that can make you shimmer from top to bottom. The accessories are detailed with colored stones and diamonds that makes it an effective one to match with different dresses.  


One of the highest selling brands of artificial jewelry is Voylla. You will come across a wide range of alluring jewelry here that includes bold and beautiful earrings, long and choker necklaces, pretty rings, bracelets, bangles, anklets and many more. They provide you different accessories that can match your ethinc outfit and western outfit as well. You just need to choose the right one depending on the type of dress and get a diva appeal.  

3.Pipa Bella

At Pipa Bella you can buy gold plated jewelry that does not erode and lose color or luster with passage of time. Artificial diamonds and even colorful crystals are used to decorate the beautiful ornaments and give them a dazzling look. The collection of jewelry also includes small metallic flowers, beads and pearls that makes it even more attractive and interesting. The big jhumkas and a matching necklace can complete your salwar kameez look with utmost elegance. 

4.Tribe Amrapali

If we talk about one of the most successful brands then Tribe Amrapali stands out to be the best. The brand was launched by Rajesh Ajmera and Rajiv Arora in 1978 and still it is one of the renowned artificial jewelry brands that not only has its mark in India but in other countries as well. They have the most astonishing traditional jewelry that can be paired with saree, lehenga choli, salwar kameez and gowns. They just have the most eye-catchy accessories.


Another one in the list is Peora that provides you outstanding ornaments for each and every occasion. The brand was established in 1998 and is eligible to provide a collection of enticing jewelry that suits every woman. This US based brand has a wide range of earrings, nose rings, bracelets, waist belts and other jewels that are studded with different shaped diamonds and crystals making breathtaking jewelry.  

6.You Bella

The artificial yet fashionable jewelry store that is very popular among girls is You Bella  You get each and every item at an affordable rate and beautiful designs that give the wearer an authentic and minimalist look. It provides you different types of jewelry that is suitable for different attires from which temple jewelry, gold plated jewelry and animal jewelry designs are immensely admiring. They even have florals and geometric designs for western attires. 


One of the leading artificial jewellery brands in India is Sukkhi that was established in 2012. It is one of the well-known places from where you can get thousands of designer and modish jewelry that makes you the limelight of the party or event whenever you wear it. The ethnic necklace set and bangles with matching maang tikka and earrings makes a perfect combination with a beautiful embellished georgette saree or a shimmery textured silk saree.

8.Shining Diva

The next one is Shining Diva. It is one of the fastest growing artificial jewelry brands in India. You get different types of jewelry such as small earrings, pretty anklets that are studded with colored pearls and a set of gold plated necklace that can be paired with a beautiful saree or an alluring lehenga choli. You can choose them to wear at wedding functions, evening parties, festivals and auspicious occasions to get a fabulous appearance.

9.Jewels Galaxy

The mega store of jewelry provides you a range of imitation and unique ornaments that will help you get a dignified look. You get the most trending designs here. You can change your entire look by choosing a perfect jewelry for yourself. If you are planning to gift someone beautiful earrings or a set of ornaments then you can definitely choose some of them from Jewels Galaxy. So go ahead and choose the most appropriate one. 

10.Atasi International

Last but not least is Atasi International that provides truly amazing accessories to the leading ladies. They know that fashion and tradition both are equally important for an Indian lady therefore they make ornaments depending on the trend and tradition as well. You get the most engaging modern jewelry as well as the adoring traditional jewelry at this single destination. This Mumbai-based brand is also a favorite pick for brides. 

The list does not end here. There are even many more other brands such as Zeneme, Rubans, Darpan, Ra Abta, Claire’s, The Luxor, and many more that are preferred by women on every occasion and event. Each brand has its own style and unique designs that are loved by young girls and women. You can get those stunning accessories from online and offline stores that are available in different states and cities. So choose your favorite brand and get adoring jewelry that is just amazing.  


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